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ASC 820 Portfolio Valuation, Fund Analytics & Waterfall Analysis

A reliable valuation process is the cornerstone of your fund’s performance reporting. Ours is fast, audit-supported, and defensible—and it won’t kill your bottom line, even as your fund scales up. We’ll take care of it and give you the data and the narrative, all in one place.

Cost-effective, Expert Valuations and ASC 820 Compliance

Let our team free up your team with a reliable, scalable portfolio valuation process. Ongoing valuations and on-demand audit support keep you up to date and in the know, every day, quarter, and year.

Effortless Waterfall Analysis

Keeping the value of your investment at original cost or at the next round of financing results in under- or over-reporting of your fund's performance. Our waterfall analysis tool will accurately calculate the performance of your investments so that your LPs and your auditors

Robust Portfolio Analytics

Stay on top of all the intel you need about your investment, including both financial and non-financial data points. We’ll give you all the KPIs at a glance alongside tools to dive deep when you need the specifics.

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