Transaction Modeling

Transactions can be high-risk and high-reward. We’ll help you understand all the possible outcomes for M&A and other opportunities to create value for your enterprise so you can make the smartest moves.

I wish we had engaged Preferred Return earlier. Great team. Sharp perspective. DAVID J. PHILLIPS / CO-FOUNDER
  • Missing the trees for the forest

    Looking at a company for its individual assets may vastly undervalue the enterprise by missing key value drivers that are derived from the cohesiveness of the assets and opportunities working together. To find the true value of an enterprise, you need to study it holistically.
  • Multiples

    Revenue and earning multiples are reported after the fact, not during. First, you need to understand what creates value for the enterprise and what the risks are.
  • Industry knowledge

    Our experts have worked with over 2,400 companies and understand the intricacies of various industries and stage of companies. Understanding what part of your venture generates value is essential.