Gift & Estate Valuation

Assets transferred by a donor to a trust are considered a “gift” (when the donor is still alive), and the IRS requires that the transfer is recorded at fair market value. We can help you determine that value for assets without readily available prices (such as private stock).

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  • Industry experts

    Clients are regularly referred to us by Cooley, DLA Piper, Gunderson, WSGR, Goodwin, Orrick, Perkins Coie, and others.
  • Understatement penalty

    Underreporting or manipulating the value of private stock may result in severe understatement penalties, ranging from 20% to 40%.
  • Valuation and case law knowledge

    Each asset requires a unique application of Discount for Lack of Marketability (“DLOM”), Discount for Lack of Control (“DLOC”), and valuation methodologies. We know how to pick the right mix, both from experience and from the applicable case law.