Entity Conversion

Companies often start as an LLC and convert to a C-Corp at fundraising. To avoid tax liabilities as a result of LLC conversion, the pre- and post-conversion fair market value of the shareholders should match. We can help establish the pre-converted LLC fair market value.

From start to finish, the Preferred Return team was able to help us with our entity-conversion valuation within a week. Loved their online on-boarding process and working with an experienced team. KATHLEEN EGAN / COO
  • Converting LLCs to C-Corporations

    The flexibility of different LLCs can be a blessing and a curse. Establishing the proper valuation and conversion structure will help you avoid unnecessary tax liability.
  • LLC valuation experts

    Our analysts have established the valuation of hundreds of startups at conversion, ensuring that the company’s pre- and post-conversion FMVs match.
  • Cost effective, timely LLC valuations

    We have our LLC valuation process down to a science—you’ll have a draft within 3-5 business days at the lowest cost in the industry.