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Fund Valuation & Audit Support that Scales

A reliable valuation process is the cornerstone of your fund’s performance reporting. Ours is quick, audit-supported, and defensible—and it won’t kill your bottom line, even as your fund scales up. We’ll take care of it and give you the upshot and the data, all in one place.

  • Reliable, scalable, expert valuation

    We’ve delivered over 4,000 valuations (and never outsource), so we can reliably provide the best intelligence about your portfolio investments’ performance whenever you need it. Ongoing valuations and on-demand audit support keep you up to date and in the know.
  • Fund performance data on demand

    Track real-time deal IRR right from your dashboard. We’ll give you financial and non-financial KPIs at a glance along with the tools to dive into the data and track company metrics, benchmark performance against indexes and private company subsectors.
  • Effortless ASC 820 compliance

    Keep your fund’s financials GAAP-compliant with our included ASC 820 reporting. We make it easy to roll audit-ready valuations right into your financial statements with our position-specific analysis.

Working with Preferred Return was a real pleasure. Their process is super easy, and they delivered by the date we needed.

Tony Zakula / CFO Expensify
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Simplify your portfolio valuation with an expert, tech-enabled, scalable process.