Recessions & Venture Capital [Webinar]

How can founders, VCs, and LPs manage risk and conflict during a recession? Experts from Adams Street Partners, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, Neal Gerber Eisenberg, and Preferred Return discuss.

In good economic conditions, companies, VC funds, and funds' LPs all have fairly well-aligned incentives and priorities, but recessions can create conflict and change the distribution of risk. We discussed how founders, VCs, and LPs manage risk (and conflicts) in a downturn.

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Timothy Bryant, General Counsel at Adams Street Partners
Charlie O'Donnell, Founder at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures
Michael B. Gray, Partner at Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP
Angela R. Elbert, Partner at Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP

Moderated by:

Keyvan Firouzi, CEO at Preferred Return


1. Addressing liquidity needs (and risks) in a recession
2. Managing misaligned incentives in downrounds
3. Financial, strategic, and legal issues in low-priced M&A
4. Performance tracking and reporting responsibilities to investors (VCs and LPs)
5. Insurance concerns and trends for companies, funds, and directors

Recessions & Venture Capital [Webinar]