About Preferred Return

Bringing transparency to private company performance.

What We Do

We help companies and investors track and communicate value.

Preferred Return provides valuation services, software, and intelligence to venture-backed companies and their investors. We deliver audit-defensible reports and complete compliance, empowering each client to understand, communicate, and leverage their company’s value.

Why We Do It

Understanding value is key to growth.

Venture capital runs on trust. Rigorous valuation practices clarify company performance, so everyone from option-holders all the way up to institutional investors knows exactly where value is being created.

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Who We Are

Valuation experts with excellent technology.

We’re customer-centric valuation experts, user-obsessed financial engineers, and venture-focused business developers. We equip our analysts with bespoke technology so they can deliver the best client experience available. Most importantly, we’re explorers on a journey to organize private company performance.

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