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We specialize in cost-efficient, audit-proof valuations in 4 days—not 4 weeks. Our team works with businesses of all kinds, taking a tailored approach to ensure every detail through every chapter of growth.

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Over 4000 valuations.


Simple to submit.
Easy to Understand.

Uploading due diligence is quick and painless – and you won’t need legal assistance.

Everything was online. I was able to focus on running my business, instead of managing the 409A process.

Ian Heidt / CEO Housecall Pro

Fastidiously prepped.
Lightning fast.

Need a 409A report? You’ll get your first draft within 96 hours. We’ll review with you, and then sign, seal, and deliver.

Working with Preferred Return was a real pleasure. Their process is super easy, and they delivered by the date we needed.

Tony Zakula / CFO Expensify

Strictly custom.

We take a tailored approach to your business and specific needs. You’ll have the undivided attention of one of our senior analysts throughout the process.

Your Valuation Analyst

Keyvan Firouzi, CFA

It’s reassuring to be able to just pick up the phone or shoot an email and get the answer that we need.

Dan Quinlan / VP of Ops & Finance at QADIUM

Designed to scale.
Because you’re fit to grow.

As your company grows and complexities multiply, our bench of experts will be there to assist you with every changing needs.

As VeloCloud scaled, the Preferred Return team provided much needed 409A valuation analysis, support and guidance and at audit time and importantly at the time of acquisition (by VMware) we were well prepared for all questions and issues.

Mark Thorpe / Head of Finance AT VeloCloud Networks

Your Valuation Analyst

Keyvan Firouzi, CFA

Case in point

Protecting Refinery29 through a stunning evolution.

Since 2009, Preferred Return has supported Refinery 29 through rapid growth, management changes, and an ever-changing industry

  1. 2009

    Working with Preferred Return for preparing our various Valuation reports was a smooth, easy, and cost-effective experience.

    Nicole D Emanuel / VP of Finance

  2. 2012

    As we've grown, the Preferred Return team has been incredibly responsive and flexible to work with. They’ve been a trusted go-to source of knowledge whenever our internal team, our lawyers or our board need answers.

    Chris Cahill / VP of Finance

  3. 2017

    The Preferred Return team was a pleasure to work with. They had years of context on the company, understood the ever-changing nature of our industry, and were ready to provide support when our auditors requested it.

    Melanie Goldey / Chief Financial Officer

  4. Present
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For decades, our team has worked with diverse clients across the valuation services industry, eager to improve it with an approach that’s smarter, faster, more intuitive.

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